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    The Flying Spinnerâ„¢

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    Onyx Black
    Cosmic Blue
    Candy Red
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      The Flying Spinner™ UFO drone is our latest and greatest mind-blowing autonomous drone. It can perform spectacular aerobatic tricks and stunts. Release it into the air and watch it boomerang, float & fly before returning to your hand! It's almost like wizardry!


      From The TikTok Trend

      It is simple to master and uses the same How To Use guide as The Fly Orbbâ„¢ - How To Use. In just a few minutes, you and your friends could be lighting up your neighborhood with this UFO of acrobatic tricks.

      Safe Durable & an Extensive Battery Life

      The Flying Spinnerâ„¢ utilizes an aerodynamic designed disk that guarantees smooth flight. Your hands are always 100% safe.

      The durable design protects The Flying Spinnerâ„¢ from damage caused by bumps, falls, and other forms of impact. A 15 minute charge gives The Flying Spinnerâ„¢ 30 minutes of operating time.

      The Flying Spinnerâ„¢ contents: The Flying Spinner UFO Drone, USB Charging Cable & Instruction Manual.

      The Flying Spinnerâ„¢